Nov 18 2016

Hattiesburg Tooth Extraction

Nobody like the thought of getting a tooth pulled, but there are times when it’s necessary. And when you need a Hattiesburg tooth extraction, we recommend that you come to see Dr. Tod Bigelow, right here on Lincoln Road in Hattiesburg. One of the times you might need a Hattiesburg tooth extraction is when you... Read more »
Nov 11 2016

Hattiesburg Dental Implants

Some people are really lucky and they have had great teeth all their life. Whether their good teeth have to do with genetics, good dental hygiene all their life, or they’re just plain lucky, there are people who need very little care from a dentist in order to have great looking teeth and a healthy... Read more »
Nov 4 2016

Hattiesburg Composite Fillings

Making sure you have a healthy, beautiful smile is a goal of our Hattiesburg dental office. And with all the advancements that have taken place in dentistry over the past several years, it is now possible to give you a better smile with better-looking dental fillings. Replacing your old-fashioned amalgams or silver colored fillings with... Read more »
Oct 28 2016

Hattiesburg Dental Exam

Everybody knows that brushing and flossing your teeth every day is very important for your dental health. Brushing in the morning after breakfast and making sure you brush and floss before you go to bed is the minimum you should do to prevent plaque from forming on your teeth and causing cavities. A healthy diet... Read more »
Nov 13 2012

Front teeth problems can be fiixed

Q. WHAT ARE SOME of the different ways a front tooth can be fixed if chipped, broken or discolored? A.  There are several ways to improve the comsmetics of front tooth depending on how badley it is broken, how it hits into the opposing tooth, and its location (alignment) in the mouth,  The different ways... Read more »
May 3 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

What made you choose your present location (either Hattiesburg in general or the building where you are)? I purchased Dr. David Miller’s practice when he became ill in July 1993 and we practiced there until we opened our new practice in April 2007 at 4301 Lincoln Rd. My wife, Pam, was born and raised in... Read more »