Mar 10 2017

Hattiesburg Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

Are you a tea lover or a coffee drinker? Do you enjoy drinking cranberry juice or eating beets? Can you guess what all these things have in common? The answer is they’re great at staining your teeth. You’ve probably seen people walking out of a world famous coffee shop sipping a caramel coffee drink with... Read more »
Feb 3 2017

Hattiesburg Dental Crown

If you bite into a piece of hard candy and break a tooth, you could end up with a lot of pain in your mouth, especially if the part of the tooth that’s left has sharp edges. If a piece of the tooth is gone and the root is exposed, that pain could be even... Read more »
Jan 27 2017

Hattiesburg Dentures

Some people have beautiful smiles with great-looking teeth. If you happen to be one of those people, congratulations. You’re very lucky to have your original smile. On the other hand, there are lots of people whose smile make them sad when they look in the mirror. Those people have chipped, cracked, or missing teeth that... Read more »
Jan 6 2017

Dental Bonding in Hattiesburg

Whether you’re looking for a way to brighten your smile, close the spaces between your front teeth, or repair cracks or chips in your teeth and you’re not sure what needs to be done, call Smiles by Bigelow and talk with Tod A. Bigelow, DDS about dental bonding in Hattiesburg. Whether you have a few... Read more »
Dec 23 2016

Hattiesburg Dental Veneers

Are you happy with your smile? Do you look in the mirror and see stains or yellowed teeth? Maybe you have a gap between your front teeth that has bothered you for years. Or maybe you’re like a lot of adults whose teeth have been crooked all your life but you never did anything about... Read more »