May 12 2017

Hattiesburg Tooth Extraction

Nobody likes the thought of getting a tooth pulled, but there are times when it’s necessary. And when you need a Hattiesburg tooth extraction, we recommend that you come to see Dr. Tod Bigelow, right here on Lincoln Road in Hattiesburg.

One of the times you might need a Hattiesburg tooth extraction is when you have too many teeth in your mouth. Crowding can make your other teeth twist and turn until they’re crooked. At that point you may need to have one or more teeth pulled to make room for your teeth to straighten out. By pulling a tooth, we can make room for the other teeth to move into the open spaces and possibly straighten enough so that you won’t need dental braces to straighten those teeth. And there’s no need to worry about painful extractions, because Dr. Bigelow is an expert when it comes to pain free tooth extractions. So you don’t need to let a bad experience from your past stop you from coming in to our local dental office for help.

Another time you might need tooth extractions is if your wisdom teeth are giving you problems. If those teeth are coming in sideways because there is not enough room for them to pop out of your gums, then removing some teeth to make room for them may be a good idea. Some people have no problems at all with their wisdom teeth. In fact, most of the time wisdom teeth come in and people never know it. But other people have nothing but problems with their wisdom teeth, and that’s when they need to call for an appointment with Dr. Bigelow to get relief.

Of course, the most obvious reason people may need a Hattiesburg tooth extraction is if they have rotting teeth that can’t be saved. In that case, Dr. Bigelow will most likely recommend a tooth extraction in his Hattiesburg dental office. And because of all the advancements made in dental procedures over the years, removing a tooth is relatively pain free these days. So whether you have dental problems or you just need to come in for a dental checkup, call the office of Tod Bigelow at 601-582-1623 for an appointment today.

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