Apr 7 2017

Hattiesburg Regular Dental Checkups

How often do you go to the dentist? Do you wait until you chip a tooth or end up with a swollen gum? If you never think of going to the dentist until you have a problem, chances are you’ll probably have more problems than necessary. GettingĀ  Hattiesburg regular dental checkups is a much smarter dental plan for you and your family.

Routine dental checkups are more important than many people realize when it comes to preventive dental care. It’s much easier to prevent an oral health problem before it starts and much less painful than having an issue that requires a more extensive treatment. For example, let’s say that you come to the dental office for Hattiesburg regular dental checkups and we take x-rays and find a small cavity forming. If we take care of that cavity with a tooth colored filling while it’s small, you could save yourself the pain and expense of an inlay or an only later, after the problem is so big that a simple filling won’t help.

Forgetting to schedule Hattiesburg regular dental checkups is like forgetting to take your car for an oil change and then having to call a tow truck when you stall on the side of the road. A simple oil change could have solved the problem, but once your car runs out of oil, you take the chance of ruining your entire engine. Not coming in for regular checkups with us, especially if it’s been years since you been to the dentist, could mean you have a mouth full of problems that need to be fixed. The longer you go without proper dental care, the more chances you take of having something simple turn into something serious. So call 601-582-1623 today for a dental check. Our wonderful staff will put you on a schedule for regular dental checkups so we can monitor your oral health for you.