Apr 14 2017

Hattiesburg Intraoral Dental Camera

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wondered how a dentist can see everything that’s going on in your mouth with that tiny little mirror? There is no light on that mirror, so how can he see what’s going on in the back of your mouth with no light? And how in the world can he turn that little mirror to see every angle of your teeth to be sure you don’t have a cavity or other problem? This is something some people have been wondering since they were kids and the dentist first put a tiny dental mirror in their mouth. When you come in to see Dr. Bigelow at our Hattiesburg dental office, you won’t see him working with a tiny mirror. Dr. Bigelow uses a latest technology in his dental practice, which includes his Hattiesburg intraoral dental camera.

The Hattiesburg intraoral dental camera is one of the biggest advancements that has been made in dental technology in recent years. With this camera, Dr. Bigelow can see what’s going on with all of your teeth as well as your gums, and the images are sent to a computer so you can see exactly what Dr. Bigelow is seeing. At the same time, if you have an issue that needs to be resolved, the images can be sent immediately to your insurance company to see if you will be covered for the procedure.

Another feature of the intraoral camera is that the pictures that are taken can be maginified so that if there is a tiny spot on a tooth, it can be blown up in size to get a better look at it. When it comes to checking your molars or wisdom teeth, you’ll find the Hattiesburg intraoral dental camera can see things as small as a hairline crack way in the back of your mouth. So why not call Dr. Bigelow for a dental appointment at (601) 582-1623 and schedule a thorough dental checkup today.

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