May 5 2017

Hattiesburg Digital X-Rays

If you’re one of those people who has avoided the dentist for several years, it’s time for you to see Dr. Tod Bigelow, your Hattiesburg family dentist, for a checkup. Now that may seem a little scary, since you probably realize that you have problems that have gone undetected. But what you need to realize is that there have been so many advancements in dental procedures in the past several years, that you’ll probably be more comfortable in the dental chair these days than you ever were before. Take, for example, dental x-rays. Rather than having to wait for them to develop, like you did years ago, we now have Hattiesburg digital x-rays that are available to Dr. Bigelow immediately.

With Hattiesburg digital x-rays, there is no film anymore. There is an image capture that can now be seen immediately on the computer screen. The nice thing is that you can see exactly what the dentist sees, right then and there. You will immediately understand what’s going on with your teeth and gums, and Dr. Bigelow will be able to explain exactly what needs to be done to prevent or fix a dental problem.

If you come to the dentist because you have a toothache or your gums are hurting, a digital imagine can help Dr. Bigelow diagnose the problem right away. For example, if you happen to have the beginning of periodontal disease, our Hattiesburg digital x-rays will show you the source of the problem right on the computer monitor. If you have a cavity beginning in a molar, way in the back of your mouth and under the gum line, it will show up as plain as day, right on the computer screen. That means your dental treatment to fix the problem can begin immediately, so you can leave the office feeling better and in better dental health. So give Dr. Bigelow’s office a call at 601-582-1623 and make an appointment for a dental checkup today.

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