May 19 2017

Hattiesburg Dental Implants

Some people are really lucky and they have had great teeth all their life. Whether their good teeth have to do with genetics, good dental hygiene all their life, or they’re just plain lucky, there are people who need very little care from a dentist in order to have great looking teeth and a healthy smile. On the other hand, there are people who have bad teeth no matter what they do. Even if they eat a healthy diet, they still end up with tooth decay in Hattiesburg. Sometimes their teeth crack, sometimes they chip, and sometimes they even fall out. If you’re in a situation where you lose a tooth, call Dr. Bigelow and talk about our Hattiesburg dental implants to help get your beautiful smile back.

Having a missing tooth can be embarrassing, especially if you can see if when you smile. Whether you lose a tooth because of tooth decay or you’re in an auto accident or you trip and fall and knock a tooth out, the result is still the same. A missing tooth is not just embarrassing, many people don’t realize that a missing tooth needs to be replaced as soon as possible. You see, a missing tooth can cause your other teeth to shift and move out of place. If that happens, you could end up needing more dental work to move those teeth back into place. So calling Dr. Bigelow at our Hattiesburg dental office is something you should do right away. Arranging to have Hattiesburg dental implants to fill in the spots where teeth are missing is very important.

If you make an appointment with Dr. Bigelow and he determines that you need Hattiesburg dental implants, we can give you information on exactly how the procedure will go. The nice thing about implants is that they can be made to look just like your original teeth by matching the color and shape so nobody will ever know they’re there. Rather than waiting and taking the chance that you’ll do more damage to the rest of your teeth, call Dr. Bigelow today at 601-582-1623 and make an appointment for dental implants.

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