May 26 2017

Hattiesburg Composite Fillings

Making sure you have a healthy, beautiful smile is a goal of our Hattiesburg dental office. And with all the advancements that have taken place in dentistry over the past several years, it is now possible to give you a better smile with better-looking dental fillings. Replacing your old-fashioned amalgams or silver colored fillings with the latest type of composite fillings can give you more confidence every time you smile. Hattiesburg composite fillings are made of a synthetic resin that fills the gaps in your teeth caused by cavities or trauma.

Filling your cavities with Hattiesburg composite fillings is generally a simple procedure. We’ll drill your cavity out first and clean the area thoroughly, then place a tooth-colored filling in it for you. We’ll make sure your filling is shaped to match your other teeth so you won’t even know it’s there. The tooth-colored filling is called a composite, and it’s colored to match your natural teeth so only you and Dr. Bigelow will know it’s there. Imagine having all your silver fillings removed, one at a time, and replaced with tooth-colored fillings. Not only will you get rid of all the mercury in your mouth so it will look better, but you will reduce the risk of mercury poisoning at the same time.

When composite fillings first came out, they were originally used for front teeth because the resin material wasn’t strong enough to withstand the grinding that takes place on your back teeth when you chew. But now, with a more advanced material being used, composite dental fillings can be used for any teeth, no matter where they are in your mouth.

Another advantage of Hattiesburg composite fillings would have to be their cosmetic options. Sometimes these tooth-colored fillings can be used to reshape a deformed or short tooth. If you have small chips or cracks, composite material may also be used in those areas as well. Give our local Hattiesburg dentist, Dr. Bigelow of Smiles by Bigelow, a call at 601-582-1623 and we’ll show you how we can use composite fillings to give you a better smile.

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