Mar 3 2017

Dental Mouth Guard Hattiesburg

Do your kids play sports? Whether it’s baseball, football, hockey or even a sport with a little less action, a dental mouth guard Hattiesburg is recommended to keep your child’s teeth safe. Keeping your child’s teeth safe, no matter what sport they play, is very important. Whether they play ice hockey and fall down a lot or they play baseball and get hit in the mouth with a bat, a custom-made mouth guard is one way to cushion the blow and help keep their teeth protected as much as possible.

Saving your child from an unnecessary injury to the teeth and gums is the job of a dental mouth guard Hattiesburg. Preventing blows to the jaw, cuts to the cheek and gums can be very helpful, especially if your children are young and new to the sport they’re playing. Bringing your child in to see Dr. Tod Bigelow at Smiles by Bigelow is a great way to get a dental mouth guard customized for your child.

Most school sports teams, especially in high school and college, require that players to wear a mouth guard while playing sports. The risk for injuries that could turn out to be permanent is much less when a mouth guard is used. So seeing Dr. Bigelow to have a custom Hattiesburg dental mouth guard made is something everyone playing sports should do. The protection a dental mouth guard Hattiesburg can give is worth much more than the cost. So before your child is signed up to play any sport, whether it’s grade school, high school, or even college, be sure to call Dr. Bigelow for an appointment. He’ll make sure a custom mouth guard is designed with the best dental health of your child in mind. Protection is the key to keeping safe, so call Dr. Bigelow today at 601-582-1623 for a dental consultation appointment today.