Dec 23 2016

Hattiesburg Dental Veneers

Are you happy with your smile? Do you look in the mirror and see stains or yellowed teeth? Maybe you have a gap between your front teeth that has bothered you for years. Or maybe you’re like a lot of adults whose teeth have been crooked all your life but you never did anything about... Read more »
Dec 16 2016

Improve your Hattiesburg Dental Health

You know it’s important to brush and floss your teeth every day, but the question is, are you doing it? Many people, especially older adults, tend to forget about their dental health as they age. If you’re haphazard with your dental care at home, it’s probably time for you to improve your Hattiesburg dental health... Read more »
Dec 9 2016

Hattiesburg Dental Cleaning

If you don’t go to the dentist for regular dental checkups and a Hattiesburg dental cleaning, you could be doing more harm than you can imagine to your overall health. You may not realize it, but what goes on in your mouth affects your entire body. So staying away from the dentist for long periods... Read more »
Dec 2 2016

Hattiesburg Dental Mouth Guard

Do your kids play sports? Whether it’s baseball, football, hockey or even a sport with a little less action, a Hattiesburg dental mouth guard is recommended to keep your child’s teeth safe. Keeping your child’s teeth safe, no matter what sport they play, is very important. Whether they play ice hockey and fall down a... Read more »
Nov 13 2012

Front teeth problems can be fiixed

Q. WHAT ARE SOME of the different ways a front tooth can be fixed if chipped, broken or discolored? A.  There are several ways to improve the comsmetics of front tooth depending on how badley it is broken, how it hits into the opposing tooth, and its location (alignment) in the mouth,  The different ways... Read more »
May 3 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

What made you choose your present location (either Hattiesburg in general or the building where you are)? I purchased Dr. David Miller’s practice when he became ill in July 1993 and we practiced there until we opened our new practice in April 2007 at 4301 Lincoln Rd. My wife, Pam, was born and raised in... Read more »